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What shall we do today?
I ask my chronic pain,
Do we hurt too much to get out of bed?
Does it hurt too much to stay?
Shuffle to the bathroom,
Joints sore and creaky,
Hot water shower lubes them briefly,
Standing up, knees screaming in pain,
Can we cook or hungry remain?
Sitting at my desk wishing
for telekinetic gifting
Contemplating if thirst is really
Worth the agony of standing,
I am chronic pain, you can not see me,
Sometimes we wish we could make you feel me.
Chronic Pain
5-24-2015 written by Azureblu
Painting word pictures in the middle of the night,
Invoking emotions wrong or right,
Feelings kept locked up tight,
When the world is shining bright,
Creep out to claim their price,
When darkness shrouds us from all sight,
Pen clasped tight in fist of white,
Furiously exploding words black and grey,
Reliving, recalling, releasing the day,
Night breaks loose thoughts profound,
Unable to sleep over whelmed I drown,
Where comes these rhymes that plague, enrage?
Demanding to be spread across this page.
Only able to claim sleeps sweet release
With poem complete, these words will cease.
Painting Word Pictures
written by me on 5-26-2015
Breath deep,
Where are you sleep?
Thoughts racing past,
Refusing to slow.
Breath deep,
Listen to silence creep,
Empty halls echoing,
Distant footfalls,
Mind plays tricks,
Trapped here alone,
Heart beats increase.
Once again,
Breath deep,
Meditation falters,
At the count of three,
Why grief, why, just let me be,
Silence sounds so loud,
Lost, hidden, enshroud.
Breath deep,
Oh if only I can,
Madness appears,
To take my hand,
Sanity fled,
Heartbeats bled,
Imagination fed,
No more breaths,
Breath Deep
written by me on 5-26-2015
today was my mums birthday 1-9-1947 - 5-10-2007 Dance in the graveyard with me.


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